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If you are really wondering how Haiti remains alive, please read the excerpt below taken from “Le commerce extérieur d’Haïti en 2013” published on

“L’équilibre de la balance des paiements reste assuré grâce aux dons internationaux (750 MUSD, 9% du PIB) et des transferts des haïtiens émigrés (1,5 Md, soit environ 18% du PIB). Cette situation n’est néanmoins pas viable sur le long terme puisque le montant des aides tend à diminuer (-60% depuis 2010). Le gouvernement haïtien doit trouver le moyen de stimuler la production et les exportations afin de réduire la brèche commerciale.”

Haiti derives income from international donations/foreign aids, which amount to 750 Million dollars in United States currency, and remittances from Haitians living abroad/diaspora, which amount to 1.5 billion dollars. As the article states, such a situation is not a viable long term solution since neither source will endure forever. We know that foreign aids have been reduced by 60% since 2010; what we do not know is by what percentage have the remittances been reduced. I remember former Presidential candidate Jacques-Édouard Alexis giving a speech in Miami on that subject when he served his second term as Prime Minister in 2006 and the best solution he came up with was for Haitians in the diaspora to travel to Haiti with their children to have them be acquainted with their relatives so that the cycle of impoverishment and burdening of the diaspora can continue. If Alexis was concerned enough about it some 9 years ago so that he asked that our children take on the burden of sending money back home, we can only guess about the state of Haiti now and what it is likely to be in five years from now. Your thoughts.

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