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Let's talk openly about Haiti and the reason it is poor.

Haiti: Closed to Locals and Diaspora but Open to Foreigners for Business

      Shaataauh Mab spot 1

Marcel Denis interviewed by Lesly Prudent 5-14-2015

      Marcel-Lesly Prudent Interview 5-14-2015

28-min interview of Marcel Denis with Lesly Prudent on April 30, 2015

      Marcel interview thursday4-30-2015

Marcel Denis interviewed by Lesly Prudent

      Marcel Denis Interview with Lesly Prudent


If you are really wondering how Haiti remains alive, please read the excerpt below taken from “Le commerce extérieur d’Haïti en 2013” published on “L’équilibre de la balance des paiements reste assuré grâce aux dons internationaux (750 MUSD, 9% du…
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